Our principle is to serve seasonal products. Until we opened "Fustanella'' restaurant, we sold our products to several similar minded restaurants, to various organic stores, even delivered to homes. Now we use them mostly in our restaurant’s kitchen. We don't strain them too much during cooking: we roast them in embers or in the oven, make salads with them, stuff them, include them in tarts, dishes and appetizers without much ceremony and they come out delicious.

Our farm produces a wide range of vegetables, generally local crops, but also new crops that have entered our country in recent years, vegetables that we have brought ourselves or with the help of well-wishers. Among other things, we provide meat products that we supply from sister farms that prioritize animal husbandry, but soon we hope to build a poultry farm and a small stable. Our dishes are accompanied by selected varieties of wines and spirits, mainly local, fresh fruit juices, homemade conserves and organic teas.

Furthermore, we want to better organize the storage sector of our products and their conservation, so in the future we can have a small shop, where visitors or passers-by can buy our fresh or canned products. This year, with our savings, we built an organic greenhouse.

Ferma Fustanella, with Mentor Prof. Andrea Shundi and Agronomist Mr. Sokol Sinani, as its mentors, aspires to soon become an official member of Slow Food International. Our dream is to have a 100% organic farm and that's how we've operated so far, without using any pesticides or any kind of chemicals, except for organic fertilizers and preservatives.

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Stay at us

We are preparing three wonderful rooms on the second floor and each of them will have the capacity to accommodate two to three people, according to the wishes of the guests. At the moment they are under construction, we are planning to have them ready soon. You will be able to book a stay at us from the Please follow us on our website and social media accounts to learn more about the opportunities to stay with us.

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