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Fustanella is a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates farm-fresh ingredients and exceptional cuisine. The combination of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors creates a delicious menu that leaves you wanting more.

- Emily Johnson, UK -

I really liked the focus on supporting local farmers. The farm offers a wonderful selection of their produce, which allowed me to take a piece of Fustanella home with me. I am looking to come back when they open the guesthouse .

- Alessandro Rossi, Italy -

Fustanella Farm offers a perfect balance of natural beauty, historical intrigue, and delectable cuisine just 20 minutes from Tirana center. The farm’s proximity to Petrela Castle and other historical sites provided ample opportunities for exploration and immersion in the local history. The restaurant’s farm-to-table concept is masterfully executed, with fresh, seasonal ingredients used to create dishes that celebrate the best of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors.

- Lukas Müller, Germany -

If you visit Tirana, this is truly a hidden gem that should not be missed!

- Eleni Papadopoulos, Greece -

About us

Fustanella is an agricultural farm with an organic restaurant and a guesthouse that operates according to the principle "from farm to table". Our hostel is still under development. We are preparing three wonderful rooms on the second floor of the guesthouse, each of which will have the capacity to welcome two to three people.

Restaurant & Food

Fustanella serves Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine while following and re-interpreting traditional recipes cooked for centuries in the hearths of homes where fustanella was and is still worn. The menu is seasonal and based directly on the products grown in the fields surrounding our restaurant and guesthouse.

Our Events

It's time to have fun and celebrate. We at Fustanella Farm can organize any party. From birthdays, to anniversaries, engagements, company events or weddings, we will exceed your expectations for any celebration you choose to have at our premises.

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some of our captured moments...

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Petrelë, Tirana, Albania